Study of Brand Awareness of Acer in Bangalore, Chennai, and Coimbatore

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Acer India (Pvt) Ltd.


An Internship Project Report on
“Study of Brand awareness of Acer in Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore”


In partial fulfillment of the Master’s Program in Business Administration, Ohio University, Athens,

OHIO University Christ College Academy for Management Education Christ College Campus
Hosur Road, Bangalore-29
May14th, 2007


I Janani Seshadri here by declare that the project entitled “Study on the awareness of the brand Acer” at Acer India Pvt. Ltd., is an original and genuine work carried out under the guidance of Mr. Darryl Gray from march 12th to April 25th 2007 in partial fulfillment for the Ohio University Christ college academy for management education. I declare that the report submitted by me is a bonafide work of my own effort and it has not been submitted to other university or published any time before.

Place: Bangalore
Date: 03-07-2007 Janani Seshadri


Thanks to God for showering his blessings and for granting me the chance and ability to successfully complete the summer internship program I had taken up.

I wish to express my deepest gratitude to ACER INDIA Pvt. Ltd., head office Bangalore for giving me this valuable opportunity in doing my internship amongst them in their esteemed organization. I would like to extend my special thanks and gratitude to Mr. Rajendran general manager marketing for giving me this opportunity. Also I would like to sincerely thank Mr. S. Raghu marketing projects and Mr.Darryl Gray marketing programmes for their genuine support, valuable advice and sincere comments which helped me a lot to accomplish this project.

This internship would not be complete without the support and guidance of our Director Mr. Shivprakash. I also want to express my gratitude to the official referees and the project coordinators Dr. Amalendu Jyotishi and Mr. Girish (Ohio University Christ College) whose valuable comments and valid criticism helped me in refining my project from the draft stage to this final report. I also want to express my thanks to Prof. Venkatesh Bhagwat (Ohio University Christ College) for assisting me in the data compilation and analysis which helped me a lot in fine tuning my report. I cannot forget the assistance and encouragement that made this work possible towards the end.

My special thanks to my co-student and dear friend Mr. B. Venkata Ramana who supported me throughout my Internship project with his valuable suggestions and ideas which helped me to approach my project wisely and accomplish it successfully without which I could have not completed my work efficiently and effectively. His consistent help kept me motivated throughout the internship period.

Last but not the least, my endless thanks and gratitude goes to my parents Mr. S.N. Seshadri and Mrs. Sasikala Seshadri who has stood by my side, encouraged and given me moral support at all points of time. I would also like to thank my brother Mr. Koushik Ram for all his support and advice. Thank You!


Marketing is an activity present in all companies where marketing strategies determine the outcome of the products and the company itself. To test to see if marketing is successful, it is necessary to measure where the company was and where it is now. This can be carried out with tracking studies monitoring the market position and changes to the brand image over time or, for particular campaigns, measuring pre- and post- event to see what has changed.

This is project report is a market survey study to check the Brand awareness of Acer and thereby figure out the measures that can be implemented to lift the current level of awareness. This study is based on the data collected from the (customers) people regarding their awareness of the PC vendors in the market today then zeroing it into the brand Acer.

The means...
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