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Topics: Battle of Thermopylae, Sparta, Ancient Greece Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: February 24, 2014
CP Western Civilization
Chapter 4 Sections 1-3

Minoan Civilization: lived on Crete; after king Minos; earliest civilization; based on trade not conquest; used art to reflect them; used others cultures and customs Polis: a city-state; political

Oligarchy: rule by some people
Acropolis: high city; city built high up on a cliff for defense purposes City-State: independent; own government; isolated; doesn’t answer to anyone Crete: island off the coast of Greece that was the cradle of an early civilization that later influenced Greeks living on the European mainland; Aegean surrounded; home to early civilizations Greek Vases: stories and culture painted on them; held things such as wine and olive oil for trade; not all vases are decorated Frescoes: art drawn on wet plaster of walls of the palaces

Homer: a blind poet who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey; wrote epics singing of heroic deeds Aesop: a slave who wrote fables
Monarchy: government in which the heredity ruler exercises central power Aristocracy: rule by hereditary landholding elite
Hercules: most celebrated Greek hero; strong from birth; son of Jupiter; strangled snake in his hand; hated by Juno; lacked self-control; performed astonishing deeds of strength and courage; granted tasks that were meant to cause him suffering but completed all Achilles’ heel: vulnerable spot

Trojan horse: built by the Greeks to carry them into troy to defeat the Trojans Amazons: race of warrior women
Pillars of Hercules: strait of Gibraltar; dug a channel between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and held the earth apart with pillars Hydra: 9 headed monster
Augean Stables: 5th task; cleansed stables that held 3000 oxen and haven been cleaned for thirty years; dammed the river through the stable to cleanse it Golden Apple: Hercules convinced atlas to go get him the golden apple form his daughter while he held the sky up for him; tricked atlas into taking back the sky Atlas: held up the earth

Laconic: no answers;...
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