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Topics: Public relations, Mass media, Advertising Pages: 4 (890 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Poison Ivy Lee – first PR firms work with Rockefeller
Edward Bernays father of PR turn in social science
Pseudo Event – not real to get press

1. Public Relations came about at the turn of the 20th century in response to what kind of journalism? Explain why this type of journalism would create a demand for PR Muckraking Journalism (investigative journalism reporting). It increase scrutiny

2. Today, women outnumber me 3 to 1 in the flied of Public Relations. What us the historical reason for the overwhelming presence of women in this field? Women influence what to buy.

3. Explain what a press release is both in terms of its form & its function. How can the success of a press release be determined? Announcement that written to read like news story send to News Media. If they used in verbatim form

4. Why does the public relations industry recruit so heavily from journalism/ the news industry? Does the door swing the other way? Why or Why not? PR firms need to good writer, press releases imitates news reports. No

1. Plain folks pitch
2. Snob Appeal approach
3. Bandwagon effect
4. Famous-person testimonial

5. What were the 3 main subjects that dominated advertising in the mid 1800s? 1. Land for sale
2. Transportation schedule
3. Runaway slaves

6. One of the economic arguments for advertising is that it creates demand. Briefly explain why creating demand was necessary after the Industrial Revolution. They need to sell their products to make a profit

7. Explain the concept of product differentiation using a specific set of examples. Ads help them make trademark, character to make the product stand out among others. Sprite Obey your thrust

8. Some argue that adversisting un the late 1800 created new rules for Modern America. Why was there a need for new rules in this period, specifically? How did soap ads exemplify this? Farm people were moving into the city. You need soap to be clean in order to fit in

9. What...
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