Studies on Butter Flies of Western Ghats(Wayanad Region)

Topics: Western Ghats, India, Species Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: March 23, 2011
Biodiversity is not uniformly distributed across the geographical regions of the earth. Certain regions of the world are flourished with a very large number of different species. Hot spots are the richest and most threatened reservoirs of plant and animal life on earth. There are about 34 hot spots identified in the world. Among this, India has two hot spots namely Western Ghats and Eastern Himalayas.

The Western Ghats hot spot region lies parallel to the eastern coast of Indian peninsula for almost 1600 kilometers, in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala. These areas are charecterized by the presence of flowering plants, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and butterflies. This richness of Western Ghats shows the role of geography in species diversity.

Wayanad, a small district of Kerala with a huge diversity in different species of birds, animals, plants and butterflies. This richness of wayanad is because of its geographical position. The presence of Western Ghats and parts of Deccan plateau are the main features of Wayanad. It shares its east with Deccan plateau and west with Banasura hills-part of Western Ghats.

Wayanad is a precious land with huge diversity in butterfly life. I have participated in last two butterfly survey camps organized by the forest department of Kerala, in Wayanad wildlife sanctuary and Brahmagiri hills. The richness and diversity of butterfly species revealed that there must be some more varieties of butterflies present.

Butterflies are organisms with a short life span of 3-6 weeks only. A study, camp or a survey of 2-3 days is not sufficient to give up enough about their life cycle, life style etc .It only give the number and varieties of species. As I mentioned above, biodiversity is not uniformly distributed across the geographical regions of the world, so that the areas such as wayanad is certain regions were more studies needed. So I am that much confident...
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