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students do not need tuition

By abbyleekurniawan Feb 24, 2014 393 Words
Good morning. I am the 1st speaker for the proposition. The motion is that primary school students do not need tuition. Let me define the terms in the motion. Tuition in the local context is instruction we receive out of school premises. It is usually held in small groups or individually. Primary school pupils are students aged 7-12. I am going to talk about how tuition adds stress for the child for the child. The 2nd speaker will be talking about who’s responsibility the child’s education is? The main purpose of tuition is to improve the student’s examination results. Whereas, the purpose of education is to produce a confident and self-directed learner who takes responsibility for his own learning and is innovative and strives for excellence. Tuition does not provide that. Look at any tuition advertisement. Do they say that they will provide your child with a holistic education or help her become an independent learner? No!

Tuition also adds to the stress level of the child. The amount of work is nearly doubled when the child has tuition. Many students cannot really cope with the workload that they have. Do you want your child to remember his or her childhood as a very stressful one? Of course not! The amount of rest and sleep each child has is very important. Stress in children can have some very negative effects and if the stress continues for a long while, it can be detrimental to a child's health and development. The parents of the child usually are the ones who send their children for tuition. Children these days are burdened by the number of subjects at school and the number of tuition classes that their parents enrol them in.

They probably are not aware if there is feeling very stressed. 26% of children (ages 8-12) said that they were more worried in 2009. However, only 17% of parents thought that their children's stress had increased. Next, all these competition, tension and stress are bound to cause unbalanced development in the child. This is proven by several scientific researches. Stress and intense competition can put a stopper to positive attributes in any child. It could also lead a child to feel pressured thus causing unwanted negativity. For example, the child might develop hatred towards teachers, studies or even parents starting from a very young age.  

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