Debate : Tuition or No Tuition?

Topics: Education, Teacher, College tuition Pages: 3 (987 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Snigdha Bhatta

Are extra classes actually that important? Or is it rather burdening and unnecessary? Parents send their children to take extra lessons and blame the crowded classes, lack of attention by the teachers and competitive school environment for their child’s poor performance but how justifiable is this? We asked the students at DAV

Do you think tuition is mandatory for every student, at some point of his/her life? Sita: Every child is different and they have different needs. While some students do their best and excel in everything, few are not capable of doing so. Tuition isn’t “mandatory”, it is rather a choice that a student and their parents make together. If his performance is poor and if he can do better with just some extra attention, I think tuition would be very helpful.

Pratik: We spend at least 8 hours every day in school, except Saturdays of course. If a student really wants to study, he will do that within his school and home boundaries. Tuition is definitely not mandatory. These days, students have stopped trying a little harder and they think their tuition teachers can pull them up from the Losers’ group to the Toppers’ group. That notion is so wrong.

Tuition is a waste of time, money and energy. Do you agree?
Pratik: Of course. I will say this again; if a student pays attention in class and keeps up with his assignments, there isn’t much need for such extra classes which demand hefty amount of money. While I do agree that some students might be weak at a particular subject, I don’t understand how parents think tuition classes can make it all better. That particular student needs to focus more on that subject. He needs to do all that it takes to improve himself.

Yumid: Any sort of study activity can never be termed as a “waste”. At least a kid comes back home and gets into his books instead of doing other activities that will take him nowhere in life. There are instances where we’ve encountered weak...
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