Students' Cohabitation

Topics: Marriage, Family, Western culture Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: August 13, 2013
Many people think that marriage is the greatest happiness to every couples. However, the young people don't think so. They often live together without getting married and they feel very happy and comfortable. In Vietnam, students' cohabitation has been increasing faster and faster because of following reasons.         The first reason is their partners. Most of students want to cohabit to take care of each other. Besides, they want to understand each other deeply before getting married. They explain that each person has different characters. Therefore, if they cohabit they think they will have a happy life in the future.         Secondly, most of them study in big cities. They have to live far away from their family, so they miss their family so much. That's the reason why they cohabit to share together all sorrow and happiness in life. Moreover, everything in a big city is very expensive. So, if they live together, they can save a lot of  living expense.         The last reason is the social attitude. They are affected by Western culture. In Western countries, cohabitation is very popular and they can live without getting married. So, Vietnamese students want to cohabit to keep up with the tendency in society and to express themselves. In addition, there are too many sexual images on TV, Internet, stories .... which can affect seriously to their attitude. Besides, when their friend cohabit, they want to cohabit, too.

Students' cohabitation

        In conclusion, Although cohabitation is contrast to Vietnamese tradition and customs, many students want to live together. They cohabit because they  find some benefits of cohabitation like sharing feelings, sharing living cost and showing themselves.
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