Student Monitoring

Topics: RFID, Barcode, Radio-frequency identification Pages: 3 (815 words) Published: August 12, 2013
TITLE : Student Monitoring System
The computerized Students monitoring system that we developed is specifically for ID and Student’s verification only. The main objective of our system is to check wether the student have an authorized ID or a falsificated one and to verify whether the student is officially enrolled in the school.

The application of RFID Matrix card system as a boarding students monitoring system were proposed to improve management system And to monitor interest group movement. The unique RFID tags enable management to track the students movement in and out of the campus. An individual without RFID card will trigger the alarm and this will inform school management about the availability of using an online monitoring system. This system used main component of passive RFID system , database management system and wireless networking. RFID tag pass through the RFID reader in read range zone ,system recorded data from the RFID tag to the data base. Data sent online to the management for the supervision of the students

At some point , we realized that the registration must be included as well. The main reason why is that there are some records to be considered with regards to the students important records in registration file like the status of a student in their school.

All in all , we can say that this system is more effective and less time consuming for the school to identify wether the student is officialy enrolled and has an authorized school ID.


One of the primary goals of the modern human-computer interaction is to enhance all users by providing access to usable information technology. The developments in information technology however, are occurring at such rate that insufficient research is being conducted in how to provide usable software for the range or interactive technology currently available. RFID systems can be used just about anywhere, from clothing tags to missiles...
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