Student Grade Management System

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Chapter 1: Problem and Its Background
In the recent years, technology continues to evolve and improves its capability affecting every individual’s daily routines. Technology has impacted the different facets of life and certainly changed and redefined the way we live (Oak, 2011). One of the most common technologies used by people around the globe is computer. According to International Telecommunications Union or ITU, in 2010, the ratio of Filipino computer users over the Philippines’ population results in 29,700,000 over 99,900,177 or 29.7% of our population. The users of computers vastly increased and prospered since it was invented. Nowadays, computers in any form become an integral part of our lives due to its functionality. The purpose of computers has engaged into complexity which made everything possible beyond our thoughts and even made an incredible advent in education. A student using a computer in doing all school works finds it easier than someone who does it manually. A professor can also find the latest lessons that would benefit his students and make his teachings more effective. Indeed, computer has done so much to all of us.

Grading is one of the most important activities a faculty member does in education. Many problems in teaching arise because of grading issues. Manual computation is very prompt to risk for any circumstances. It is time consuming in terms of recording grades and computation using a calculator. In case of unexpected calamity and some records are lost, it is hard to retrieve it. Accuracy and security has not been so defined in a manual system. Due to this observation, a computerized grading system was created that eliminated the word “manual”. A computerized grading system helped not only the students but also the professors in different aspects of grading. The students can easily acquire information about their grades and also eliminated their time wasted in repeatedly going back to school even in non-school days just to collect their grades. The professors can now record more efficiently and accurately releases the grades on time. The registrars can also keep the school records for the longest time without worrying about such things as misplacement or disappearance of the records. A computerized grading system is a must for every university.

Address to this, we, BS Information Technology – 2nd year students, proposes that our university, Isabela State University – Angadanan Campus (ISU-AC), implement and conduct a computerized grading system that will be known as “Student Grade Management System” (SGMS) to manage every student’s grades in our university. The said system will be a great help in our university and will also serve as a stepping stone in achieving higher goals. The age of “manual computing” is long gone and we must also take the initiative in creating better possibilities for a better education which will result in the best society.


This diagram describes and shows the processing activities of SGMS system. It is presented in three boxes: Input, Process, and Output. The first box represents the data that are entered for processing. The middle box represents the processes that will take place, and the third box is the grading system itself.


Is there any significance in implementing a computerized grading management system in ISU-AC? Is the proposed project more accurate and more efficient than the current grading system? Is the proposed project user friendly and easy to manipulate?


To create a computerized grading system that will eliminate all the problems involved in manual grading system. To evaluate the users’ perception of the system using the following criteria: Acceptability


The success of this study has great importance to the...
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