Student: Gold Rush and Ned Kelly

Topics: Australia, Gold rush, History of Australia Pages: 5 (1139 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Heroes and Villains – the creation of Australian Identity

|Unit Summary | |Students will develop an understanding of the creation of Australian identity between 1788 and 1901. The Intel Visual Ranking Tool is used by students to | |think about and discuss the important steps in the formation of a new nation; the Intel Seeing Reason Tool is used by students to develop their | |understanding of Ned Kelly and his character, and the Intel Showing Evidence Tool is used by students to help answer the question “Was Ned Kelly a hero or | |a villain?” | |Teaching and Learning Taxonomy – focusing on Higher-Order Thinking Skills | |This unit utilizes Blooms Taxonomy of Thinking Skills to assist students in developing an understanding of the issue under discussion. Students build on | |past knowledge and skills in order to enhance their grasp of identity in Australia. The unit also recognizes that students can often possess multiple | |learning intelligences, and therefore allows for each of Garner’s Multiple Intelligences to be incorporated into the teaching program. | |Curriculum Framing Questions | |Curriculum- |Essential Question | |Framing | | |Questions | | | |How does identity change over time? | | |Unit Questions | | |How and why was Australia colonized? | | |How did the Australian Gold Rush of the 1850’s-1860’s lead to the formation of the Commonwealth of Australia? | | |Is Ned Kelly a hero or a villain? | | |Content Questions | | |What were the conditions like for the European settlers of Australia between 1788 and 1850? | | |Where was Gold discovered during the 1850’s? | | |What were conditions like on the Australian Goldfields during the 1850’s | | |What was the Eureka Stockade? | | |What were the reasons that led to Australia being federated? | | |What were the steps in the federation of Australia?...
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