Topics: Motivation, Leadership, Skill Pages: 4 (1378 words) Published: July 8, 2014
Motivation and leadership are the big factors which can influence organization’s success directly, this thing was studied and demonstrated by many experts and universities on the world. But the question is whether we can be success if we don’t have enough motivation; what will an organization come to if apostle’s leadership skill is poor, and vice versa. I ever saw a movie which has name “Facing the Giants”, the film mentioned a lot of thing about motivation and leadership that helped the football team to be a Champion of state. So this essay will analyzes factor and skill that enhance the performance of the team. Therefore recommending on how to apply lessons I learned to increase performance in an organization. II. METHOLODOGY

To complete this topic, I had to search, study motivation theories which have a content about the processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal. And in this assignment I choose A Two-Factor Theory. Besides, I could not forget to mention the second theories that I based on to analyze, understand and learn a coach in the clip, it was a leadership theories. And we defined leadership as the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or set of goals. And I suppose that Ohio State Studies is reasonable to use. After mastering the theories, I carried out to get informations and I did in 3 tasks. First, I had to view the video Facing The Giants many times to understand the content clearly. Second, the questions that is an indispensable part for me to complete this assignment. And there were about 10-15 questions which were designed by me. The last task is that, I must summarized and analyzed all of information to get a perfect outline. III. ANALYSIS

After a time researching the clip and theories, and based on my knowledge. Finally, I could understand why a football team could be a champion of state, and what did the coach...
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