Topics: Sri Lanka, Maldives, India Pages: 3 (625 words) Published: May 5, 2013
As per my knowledge and understandings The Inspire Co which is also group of companies is leading company which working in India for so many years and this company has been work in different segments in the India, Because company have very capable work force and experts, The company management are also very professional and they provide very best environment to their worker.

Top management Mr.Aakash (CEO) and directors of the company have decided to make new office either in Sri Lanka or Maldives. Before going for new office they must analyze both countries and they compare each other .In my views the comparative analysis of both countries are as under. Comparative analysis

Economic factors

Sri lanka has grown tremendously in telecom sector during last few years. Sri lanka is also very popular for its production and exports like rubber, tea and other are very much in numbers due that reasons Sri lanka have very strong economy than Maldives. Exports

After recent increase in exports of yaran and textile the GDP and growth rate is also high as compare to the last year, which shows that it will continue grow in coming years. The exports and others agricultures products are contribute in foreign exchange. This is very best for Sri lanka. Demographics

I think Sri lanka nation is very populated in the world. This country birth rate is 16.6 to 17.6 per 1000 births in the country its also shows that they are very discipline nation. Death rate of this country is near to 6 per 1000 deaths which is not too much as compare to other countries. 


In the telecom industry by shaping the regulatory process protecting interest of public and being responsive to challenges in an increasingly competitive market. It will ensure that competition in market is open with fair and effective.| Economic factors

There are law and order situation but Maldives established economy with very consistent growth in GDP. If we study...
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