Strike Is a Fair Means to Protest

Topics: Human rights, Conservatism, Liberalism Pages: 5 (1683 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Argumentative Essay
“Strike is a fair means to protest”
Does the topic not strike itself in a very controversial way which makes our thoughts argumentative? However, at present, to strike a fair means to protest has become a prominent issue not only to me but also for others. Specifically, the real moral of strike is to protect something by not affecting something else which is not related with any advancement. The main motto was to protect the nation from any harm in a democratic way. Through the passage of time, it has become that much destructive that it destroys our daily life style by creating economic, educational as well as social and individual problem, thus, from my point of view; strike cannot be a fair means of protesting in a democratic country like Bangladesh.

First of all, strike destroys our economic structure since public or private any institution cannot work for it. Strikers usually make procession on the street and they block the road. They also throw brick and many other dangerous things to the police when they come to control the situation. As a result, sometimes situation goes beyond control and people cannot go outside for doing any work with an apprehension of risk. Generally, all works are stopped for strike. From the history and culture of strike, we see the actual character of strike is that during strike people are prevented from attending to their jobs and traders are prevented from keeping their shops open or from carrying out their business activities. Also, workers are prevented from attending to their duties in the factories and other manufacturing establishments leading to loss in production and subsequent loss in the national economy. Moreover, strike creates uncertainty for future investment as well as it creates supplying disturbance which causes a great harm in our economy. In this regard, Dr Debapriya Bhattacharya says ” Strike causes financial loss of thousands of cores of Taka but harm abroad is more than the economic loss at home” . Additionally, in these fast-moving times, with the rest of Asian countries, Bangladesh is becoming a dream of a tourist spot for people from across the globe that may have a great contribution to develop our economy, however, in this situation, strike creates a bad impression to the foreigners as it is embarrassing to them as well which threatens to turn the country into the backward of history. A strike in this day and age is a severe indicator to a dark reality. Therefore, I believe, strike abolishes our economic sectors in a very adversative way and so it cannot be a good way of protesting in the democratic system of Bangladesh.

Secondly, strike has a very negative impact on educational structure which is a very important feature of a nation. All educational institution remains close as strike means very cruel activities in our country, by way of example, strikers make a huge ruin especially they break glasses, set fire in buses, force to shut down all market place, office, educational institutions and so on. It prevents students from attending classes and creates increased pressure on them, later on their studies and at examination time. The major impact of strike is the postponement of examinations resulting in delays in finishing scheduled session. It delays education which can have severe long term effects on younger people’s future prospects for joining the workforce both at home and abroad. In fact, it creates psychological impact on teachers badly because of rescheduling the classes again and again. Consequently, educational method is hampered gravely for the effect of strike as well as the activities of strikers make a nation as the container of bad jokes in the outside world. Where it was emerged to express complaints to the rulers or government regarding the democratic rights and the legitimate claims, has turned to an absolute political weapon used sometimes to gain even an insignificant political interest .Thus, I assume that...
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