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Stress speech
Have you ever felt that? When your stomach is in knots .your muscles feel tensed, you feel defeated, you feel low and unhappy and when you try to think of a solution or a way out you go blank. You wish that you could somehow do something to escape the situation you are in You see Teenagers today feel exactly that. They live in a competitive world where their whole life depends on what they did as a 16 year old even though those years were the craziest. I. How stress affects your health.

A. Emotions cause physiological responses that can influence our health. 1. Werner W.K. Hoeger on fitness and wellness
 a. Certain parts of the brain are associated with specific emotions and specific hormone patterns. Emotional responses affect the release of certain hormones which can affect health.   b. our body responds to stress with physical changes known as fight or flight, thus activates the sympathetic nervous system, and the pituitary gland to triggers hormones from the adrenal glands. (HR, Blood pressure, glucose, oxygen uptake) 

c. Emotions have to be expressed somewhere, somehow, if they are repeatedly suppressed, causing conflict to control stress and ultimately reveal through physical symptoms, these physiological responses may weaken the immune system over time.

B. Adaptation to stress
1. Dr. Selye developed General Adaptation Syndrome
a. Our body continually strives to maintain a constant internal environment, this balance is called Homeostasis, allows the body to function as effectively as possible. b. Reaction to stress. Three stages: Alarm reaction, resistance, and exhaustion/recovery.
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