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Topics: God, Holy Spirit, Christianity Pages: 4 (1366 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Question: How Should we live our life arrcording to the bible Ephesains 4:29-32

1.Give example of Corrut Communication? 1Corinthians 15:33- The word corrupt means bad, decayed, rotten and applied to animal substances. Tree is of a useless character that produces no good fruit Matthew 7:17. Let No corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth- As unsvoury speech, foolish talking, unprofitable, profance otaths, curses and imprecatuons , lies, That why in Colossians 4:6, the Appostle exhorts that our speech may be seasoned with salt to preservial from potcetaction. Which may be corrupt becausse such communication springs from a corrupted heart.

2.How do we grieve the Holy spirit of God? Open & Gross Sins The meaning of paul is.. Theft, faslsehood, anger that would gerive the holy spirit- cause him ti deport from us. Anger in all forms. Neglect often he prompts us to pray, read word. Resistance christan aten resist the holy spirit. The seal of the holy spirit is an easrnest of a proof an assurance of the find redemption Eph 1:13 If we grieve him away the seal will be gone. Eph 4:30 Grieve not holy spirit by any disodedience.

3.Who are the three people we hurt? Father, son, Holy spirit.. Me myself, I. Family

4.what two things that will happen when we open our mouth? Life and death.. Roman 3:14 their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness

5.What happen when we stay in bitterness, what does it produce? It will Rob your peace of mind. Bitterness damages our relationship with God, Bitterness alienates you from other people. Bitterness inflicts a deeper wound on the me.. (person) who harbors this..

6.What is bitterness- its the feeling of hurt. Resentment, anger and even hate that can build up in our heart when we have been hurt by another people or by an experience in life. 7.What is Wrath, clamor anger and slander what are their roles in the this scripture? wrath and anger; nearly synonymous, but perhaps" wrath" is equivalent to the...
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