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Eleventh Street was the longest, narrowest, and oldest street in the town. It had lots of potholes and rifts. Eleventh Street was a busy street where I spent most of my time. Both sides of the street were lined with stores and restaurants. There were many people walking on the street. There were a lot fun things to do, all within walking distance, and no matter what time the year, the stores were opened to the public, except on major holidays. Eleventh Street embodied to most of my childhood.

Eleventh Street was a buzzing street, and it was the main street of the town. The first place I lived on in my life was Eleventh Street, for the reason those two months before I was born, my dad owned a salon on Eleventh Street. Therefore, my family and I lived on the second floor of the salon. Eleventh Street had the oldest and the biggest movie theater in the town. When I first walked in there, it was stinking. All the seats were neat but some of them are broken. When I was in kindergarten and elementary school, I had a lot of fun in the movie theater, because I was nervous but happy to perform a couple of times there. For instance, I remembered in first grade, our school celebrated Children’s Festival on June 1st 2001. My mom bought me a pretty sparkling, pink dress with a butterfly ribbon on the waist; thus I was too excited to sleep the night before the Children’s Festival. My mom did my hair early in the morning, made my hair fussy on the top and put two-butterfly headdresses on it. My class was to perform a dance that five people and I were standing in the front of the first row, and the other 10 people were standing on the center of the stage surrounded into a big circle. We were slowly dancing lightly and nimbly, holding beautiful flowers up on each hand while spinning our bodies and hands. Similar to Ann Hood's essay "Street Scene", her mother entered her in Little Miss Natick Beauty Pageant, "My Great Aunt Nuneen set my hair in rags to make perfect banana...
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