Strategy: Synergy and Serendipity

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Strategy: Synergy and Serendipity
1.The root of the word ”decide” is to “cut off”
In our old Chinese says, “She De”, which means you can achieve after you gave up. To choose which to give up, which to pursue, it needs wisdom. 2.People often have trouble abandoning their previous behavior It’s so called - comfort zoom. Before I quit my job, came to Chicago for the MBA program, some of my colleagues doubted the benefits from this program may not cover my loss. I don’t really care about it, all I want is to come out of my comfort zoom, to explore the world, and find the hidden benefits of this program in the coming year. 3.Hedgehog Concept: Good to Great

Doing one thing and doing it well. Like Papa John Pizza, Starbucks, they are companies of Hedgehog. This also applies to ourselves, whether we want to be a fox or a hedgehog.

It's a Flat World, After All
4.A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.
According to my experience, crisis is always opportunity to me, and it’s the most important thing to seize upon and to leverage. The Crisis allows us to do things that would be extremely difficult to accomplish, but under the situation of crisis, you can achieve acceptable or even surprising outcomes. 5.Globalization 3.0 is not only going to be driven more by individuals but also by a much more diverse. I can’t agree any more. Globalization 3.0 is just at the beginning. In the new world today, we can see great companies like Google, Yahoo, Ebay, and Amazon, Apple, they made profound impact to our daily lives at every aspects. The author Friedman also pointed the importance of innovation in the the Globalization 3.0 in one of his interviews with NYT, Innovation is the power of leading the competitiveness in the world. 6.The World has Shrunk to Size Tiny

It is. Especially Facebook, Twitter, You tube come up, and Weibo, Wewat, Renren arise in China. Our communications enhanced enormously, in the meantime, it’s a world of tiny now.
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