Strategy Implementation

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Organizations successful at strategy implementation effectively manage six key supporting factors :     1.  Action Planning      2.  Organization Structure

     3.  Human Resources
     4.  The Annual Business Plan
     5.  Monitoring and Control
     6.  Linkage. | |
| |

Action PlanningFirst, organizations successful at implementing strategy develop detailed action plans... chronological lists of action steps (tactics) which add the necessary detail to their strategies. And assign responsibility to a specific individual for accomplishing each of those action steps. Also, they set a due date and estimate the resources required to accomplish each of their action steps. Thus they translate their broad strategy statement into a number of specific work assignments.Organizational StructureNext, those successful at implementing strategy give thought to their organizational structure. They ask if their intended strategy fits their current structure. And they ask a deeper question as well... "Is the organization's current structure appropriate to the intended strategy?"We're reminded here of a client we worked with some years ago. The company was experiencing problems implementing its strategy calling for the development of two new products.The reason the firm had been unable to develop those products was simple... they had never organized to do so. Lacking the necessary commitment for new product development, management didn't establish an R&D group. Rather, it assigned its manufacturing engineering group the job of new product development... and hired two junior engineers for the task. Since the primary function of the manufacturing engineering group was to keep the factory humming, those engineers kept getting pulled off their "new product" projects and into the role of the manufacturing support. Result – no new products.Human Resource FactorsOrganizations successful at strategy...

Managing strategy implementation by Patric C flood,Stephen j.carroll
Strategy, Implementation and Practice by Dave Chaffey, Richard Mayer, Mr Kevin Johnston, Fiona Ellis-Chadwick
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