Strategic, Tactical and Administrative Crime Analysis

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Robbery Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: January 10, 2012
Strategic, Tactical and Administrative Crime Analysis
Talisa Mulligan
Unit 2 Project
CJ110: Introduction to Crime Analysis
Professor Moore
June 24, 2011

It is important to make sure that when a crime occurs, all the pieces of evidence are gathered, all the victims and witnesses are questioned separately and as soon as possible while the crime details are still fresh in their minds. An important question to ask the victims and witnesses is any description of the criminal, physical, sound of the criminal’s voice, what they were wearing, and any distinguishing marks, behavior or anything else that they noticed to help identify the criminal. In this project, I was to read three crimes that occurred and discuss what type of analysis I would use, clues to the different crimes that I could use to help identify the criminal, how the MO’s were similar and different, whether or not I suspect these crimes are tied together as a series, and what types of work products I would utilize to help identify the criminals.

Upon reading these crime reports, I would use tactical analysis. Tactical analysis is used on a daily basis to look for potential crime patterns that may be beginning or already existing to help catch the criminal and prevent them from committing further crimes. I would refer to tactical analysis with these three incidences because I can identify similarities within the crime scenes, including the locations, dates, times, and descriptions of the offenders.

When reviewing the information, I notice similarities in the three crimes which tells me this is a crime series. A crime series is multiple crimes committed by the same offenders. The similarities found from the information gathered from the scenes and witnesses that I noticed are the disguises the offenders wore, the places they robbed, the times of the night, the locations, and what they took.

All three crimes had similar modus operandi (MO). The suspects entered the convenience...

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