Strategic Planning and the Nursing Process

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Strategic Planning and the Nursing Process Paper

Strategic Planning and the Nursing Process Paper

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November 25, 2014

Strategic Planning and the Nursing Process

Healthcare informatics is an idiom that refers to the use of information technology in the healthcare field. Several software applications are used in healthcare informatics mostly used are computers. The wide-ranging uses of healthcare informatics include but are not limited to electronic record keeping, information distribution, data observation, data investigation, and record keeping. Medical records are more readily accessible due to healthcare informatics. In the past health care medical records were written on paper and sometimes carbon copied paper. When patients went to the doctor their medical records were ordered and sent via courier to various departments. Healthcare informatics has improved patient care by providing clear legible computerized charting verses the illegible poorly written, unorganized charting health care providers were use to. The Nursing Process

According to Definition: Nursing Process (2004), The Nursing process is defined as “a five-part systematic decision-making method focusing on identifying and treating responses of individuals or groups to actual or potential alterations in health”. The Nursing process includes assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation”. The nursing process is an organized, cogent, method of providing nursing care so that the needs of the patient are effectively and comprehensively met.

Comparison of the Strategic Planning Process with the Nursing Process

Heba & Czar, 2013, define Strategic Planning as “the development of a comprehensive, long-range plan for guiding the activities and operations of an organization” (p.588). According to (Freeman, 2008) strategic planning is “ the process of determining where the co-op is going over coming years, how it will get there and how the co-op will know when it has succeeded”. The author also states strategic planning looks at the needs of the members, and the co-ops ability to create value for its membership, utilizing their mission statement, vision values and goals developed by the organization. The acronym SWOT was developed as a tool which helps to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organization strategic plan for quality healthcare. The difference between The Strategic Planning process and the Nursing Process is Strategic planning is for the betterment of the organization, the development of a comprehensive long-rage plan for guiding the activities and operations of an organization. According to Heba & Czar, 2013, strategic planning involves 9 steps: identification of the need for change, definition of goals and scope, scanning of external and internal environments, data analysis, identification of potential solutions, selection of a course of action, implementation, evaluation, and feedback” (p. 151). T the nursing process is an organized, cogent, method of providing nursing care so that the needs of the patient are effectively and comprehensively met. The nursing process follows 5 criteria’s to provide comprehensive care to patients, which include; assessment, problem identification, planning, implementation, intervention and evaluation. Heba & Czar, 2013, state the role of the nurse in the strategic planning process is to “capitalize on their nursing informatics knowledge and skills which encompass and understanding of computer, information, and nursing sciences, in order to lead strategically and operationally. The nurse is focused on the design, selection, and implementation of health information system and for managing the adoption of other supporting clinical initiatives”, (p. 150). According to, Heba & Czar, 2013, the nurses role in the nursing process are to improve quality of patient care with the use of the...
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