Strategic Plan Template

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A Strategic Plan

Prepared by: Andrew Famogun
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Date: 10/10/05

Strategic planning is the set of decisions and actions that result in the design and activation of strategies to achieve the objectives of an organization.

Why plan? Effective planning leads to:
Improved decision-making
Higher profitability
Lower risk

Strategic planning begins by addressing the following three questions. Where are we? (External analysis, internal analysis, and competitive analysis) Where are we going or want to go? (Mission statement, long-term objectives) How do we get there? (Strategy formulation – corporate level, business unit level, and functional level)

Specificity – facts and data – are better than general statements. Be as specific as possible in researching all aspects of strategic planning. Personal opinions, beliefs, values, and thoughts are worth little without justification. To paraphrase a comment in a popular movie – Show Me the Data! Two keys to this paper are the quality of research and the defense of the arguments. Needless to say, the paper should be well written.

Use the headings as they are written. If your strategic plan does not require data that fits a specific heading, indicate that this particular heading is not necessary for your plan. Defend the need not to provide data for it.

So, use the headings and delete the descriptive information and provide your own data.

Finally, remember, if you don't know where you are going, then any path will take you there!

The framework in this document is from Pearce & Robinson (2000). Additional information provided is cited by the author. The remainder of the document was developed by the author.

Note: This strategic planning template was developed by Dr. David Gould, Campus College Chair, Graduate Business and Management and was significantly influenced by several classes of Strategic Planning students.

Table of Contents

1Executive Summary8
2Organization Name / Description8
3Vision / Mission / Values Statement9
3.1Vision Statement9
3.3Mission Statement11
3.4Shared Vision (optional)12
3.5Organizational Values14
3.5.1Value 114
3.5.2Value 215
3.5.3Value 315
4Environmental Analysis (External to the Organization)16
4.1Remote Environment16
4.1.1Social / CulturalError! Bookmark not defined. / Cultural Trend 119 / Cultural Trend 219
4.1.2Political / Legal / Government20 / Legal / Government Trend 121 / Legal / Government Trend 221
4.1.3Technological22 Trend 123 Trend 224
4.1.4Ecological / Physical25 / Physical Trend 125 Physical Trend 226
4.1.5Economic28 Trend 129 Trend 230
4.1.6Demographic31 Trend 133 Trend 233
4.2Industry Environment34
4.2.1Entry Barriers35
4.2.2Supplier Power36
4.2.3Buyer Power36
4.2.4Competitive Rivalry37
4.2.5Substitute Availability38
4.3Operational Environment38
4.3.1Competitive Position39
4.3.3Supplier Relationships42
4.3.4Customer Profiles43
4.3.5Labor Market45
4.4Opportunities and Threats45
4.4.1Opportunities46 146 246
4.4.2Threats47 147 248
5Environmental Analysis (Internal to the Organization)48
5.1Financial Analysis (optional)49
5.2Resource-Based View of the Organization50
5.2.1Tangible Assets51
5.2.2Intangible Assets51
5.2.3Organization Capabilities52
5.3Value Chain Analysis53
5.3.1General Administration54
5.3.2Human Resource Management55
5.3.3Research, Technology, and Systems Development55
5.3.5Inbound Logistics56
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