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Strategic objective of company

Starbucks set up its strategic objective in various ways to accomplish its mission and vision. Since July 2009, Starbucks began grinding coffee each time a new pot is brewed, instead of grinding coffee only in the morning. This is because Starbucks wants customers to smell coffee aroma all day long. In 2002 until 2007, Starbucks gained a very large amount of profit because the aroma of its coffee spread around the world. Eventhough at the end of 2007 Starbucks received a great competition from other competitors such as McDonald, managers and workers among Starbucks’ company never gave up and strive themselves to achieve company’s mission and vision.

Starbucks strives to elevate the simple task of drinking coffee to a new level with its retail outlets seen as a place for socialization, relaxation, and reflection so customers can make themselves comfort anytime. Furthermore, Starbucks sharpen its strategies with a good utilities such as electrical outlets and wireless access for customers, so it can attract customers to visit the restaurant anytime to surf internet and do their jobs there. In response to recent economic times, the company has also adjusted prices on certain of its more popular products in an effort to show responsiveness to the more budget-conscious consumer. This strategy help the company-customer bonds more attractive and getting closer. Starbucks relies more on its image advertising than traditional advertising as part of the image is how the customer not only views the retail outlet, but how responsible the company is to their communities and employees. Many companies use website strategies to attract customer and spread the information about their business, same goes along to Starbucks. It encouraged the use of its Web site where customers are able to register their Starbucks’ cards, receive nutritional information about Starbucks products, shopping online, and search for careers.

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