Strategic Marketing Plan for Reading Cinemas

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October 4

Executive summary
The selected company, Reading Cinemas, is looking to ultimately strengthen its competitive position within the market place over the course of the next three to five years. A market analysis was first taken out on Reading Courtenay; one cinema under the Reading brand name situated in Wellington. From this analysis, it became apparent that the Internet was one of the company’s largest competitors. Upon further research, the problem revealed to be at such a large level, one single cinema would not be able to control it alone. The view for the marketing plan had to be changed and instead would now support a company-wide view. After the view change, a concise market analysis was taken out on Reading Internetioanl and summarised in this report using examples from the original Reading Courtenay analysis. This is to define who the company is and where they are currently in the market place. The Strategic Plan is next to define where the company wants to be and how it can get there. Objectives and Priorities are first stated in order to give executive management a clear direction upon which they will be taking. Each objective is to act as some sort of step which once achieved, brings the company closer to its ultimate goal; strengthening competitive position. The Strategic Plan covers how Reading International; needs to discover more about consumers in the market place, diagnose the situation of the internet, look towards changing the current attack strategy, developing and implementing a virtual environment, constructing a full three to five year timetable explaining at what point each objective is achieved, and also how the company is to measure whether the plan has been an overall success. Costs and revenues have been roughly calculated to try and give executive management some kind of base figures to base their decisions upon too. All in all, this Strategic Plan takes the reader through the process of implementing a virtual cinema environment which will effectively strengthen the company’s competitive position in the market place.

Table of Contents

This report will be looking into where the company wants to be and describing how the company will do this. The important view change is firstly discussed and justified to then reveal what problems and opportunities Reading International faces ove the next three to five years. Objectives and priorities are then set out based upon what was discovered from the analysis. The strategic plan is then relayed for the client which all in all will tell them, where the company wants to be and how it can do it. The plan will be summarised with several key recommendations executive management must take away with them to ensure that the competitive position of the company is strengthened. New Analysis

Prior to this report, the focus for the Strategic Plan was centred on Reading Courtenay but has now been drawn to Reading International as a whole company instead. This is due to the discovery of several key issues found upon further research after the Market Analysis on Reading Courtenay had been conducted. Because of this change, a new concise analysis has been taken out on Reading International which will include examples from the original analysis. In doing so, it will explain exactly why the focus has changed whilst also portraying where Reading International sits in the global market place. This will provide a better understanding of the company for executive management. For the context of this report, a summary of this combined analysis has been included which recognises the key issues that the company faces over the next 3-5 years. The findings revealed who this company is and where they sit in the market. In terms of whom, Reading International is a large cinema company originating from the United States. The company occupies 56 cinemas across the United States, Australia and New Zealand (Reading International, 2013)....

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