Strategic Management of Nokia’s Organization

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Strategic Management of Nokia’s Organization

“In a world where every one can be connected, we take a very human approach to technology” said. Nokia starts its introduction to the global market by that statement as vision to get people always connected. Nokia is the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of mobile telephones and network equipments, which owns an approximately 36% of the global market share. The competition and the fighting for the top spot in cell phones supplier are the goals where of the value proposition is set. Nokia believed that its business processes, strategies, structure, organization management, and culture and environment drivers are leading to one of the best information systems ever implemented.

Brief Report Outline
Furthermore, I will elaborate more in details of how Nokia achieved that level of professionalism. For example, how Nokia organized its organization structure, features, strategic issues, and key challenges. What business functions, processes, cores are Nokia concentrate more in. How the goals and strategy has been accomplished. How important is the role of management, whether in environmental or cultural point of view. And finally, what solutions did they develop and how I can make a positive impact on a solution to its information system

Nokia Corporation engages in the manufacture of mobile devices and mobile network equipment, as well as in the provision of related solutions and services worldwide. The company has four main business functions or segments: Mobile Phones, Multimedia, Enterprise Solutions, and Networks. The Mobile Phones segment provides various mobile voice and data devices. This segment offers mobile phones and devices based on GSM/EDGE, 3G/WCDMA, and CDMA cellular technologies. The Multimedia segment offers mobile devices and applications with multimedia connectivity over GSM, 3G/WCDMA, WLAN, and Bluetooth. Multimedia services include Internet services, music, and streaming video. The Enterprise Solutions segment offers various products and solutions, including enterprise-grade mobile devices, underlying security infrastructure, software, and services for businesses and institutions. The Networks segment provides network infrastructure, and communications and networks service platforms, as well as professional services to operators and service providers. It focuses on the GSM family of radio technologies, such as EDGE and 3G/WCDMA networks; networks with Internet Protocol and multi access capabilities; and services. According to, Nokia has approximately 150 mobile network customers in 60 countries, serving 400 million subscribers with its systems. The company sells its products to operators, distributors, independent retailers, and corporate customers.

Organization Features
The mission of Nokia future business is the renewal of Nokia. Throughout its history, Nokia has renewed its core businesses and created innovative businesses in entirely new areas. Nokia's venturing activity has created independent businesses, contributed to the growth and profit of the core businesses of Nokia, provided financial returns on investments, and has produced intangible assets and insights. Venturing at Nokia contributes to Nokia's renewal by identifying and developing new businesses. The Nokia Ventures Organization and the other venturing teams throughout Nokia are working on new businesses that fall outside the scope or current focus of Nokia's core business units. Nokia is expanding its interests towards new areas, but still working within Nokia's broad vision of "Life Goes Mobile." This venturing activity triggers new developments that play a significant role in the renewal of the company.

Exploration and experimentation are at the core of venturing, and Nokia recognizes that innovation does not only happen within Nokia. Our innovation networks extend beyond the company and include research centers, academics and...
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