Strategic Leadership

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Personal Leadership and Management
Task 1

The impact of organisational objectives, values and culture on the leadership and management role.

Objectives are described as the procedures to fulfil, in order to achieve organisational aims. The objectives must be SMART to ensure profit in market. SMART objectives are stated as:- Specific: everyone knows what is to be achieved.

Measureable: set out the level to achieve.
Agreed: all relevant staff is involved in setting up objectives. Relevant: it must be relevant to the organisational overall goals. Time-framed: must be time framed.
Value of an organisation is the ethics of the origination, the procedures of handling people. It may involve culture and believes of the employee. Leadership:-
The leadership is defined as SIDIS which state as Strategic, intelligent, decision making, integrity and social responsibility. There are different styles of leadership which present the way of treating people under a leader. Leadership is changing its face time to time. Some of them are:- Autocratic: the leadership style in which leader makes all decisions and worker or subordinators are just follow. Leader tells them what, how, when and where to do. Democratic: in this leadership style leaders and subordinators work together to achieve goals. Delegate: the leadership style in which leader allow their worker or subordinators to make their own decisions but under the limit of orders from BOD. Organisational culture, value and objectives have a great impact on management and leadership style. There are 4 main type of culture of organisation as:- 1. Power culture

2. Role culture
3. Task culture
4. Atomistic culture
Leadership and management style is different in each of culture. In power culture, as name indicate, the decision making is under top management it is very quick and very informal. Leadership in this case is like boss and employee relation. Boss order and employee have to do....
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