Strategic Control

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Control is a systematic effort to set performance standards with planning objectives, to design information feedback systems, to compare actual performance with the predetermined standards, to determine whether there are any deviations and to measure their significance, and to take any action required to assure that all corporate resources are being used in the most effective and efficient way possible in achieving corporate objectives.

Control is taking conscious measures that synchronize outcomes as closely as possible with plans.

Strategic control is concerned with tracking the strategy as it is being implemented, detecting any problems areas or potential problem areas, and making any necessary adjustments. It consists of monitoring and evaluating the strategy management process as a whole to ensure that it is operating properly.

It focuses on the activities involved in environmental analysis, organizational direction, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategy control itself-checking that all steps of the strategy management process are appropriate, compatible and functioning properly.

Control is taking conscious measures that synchronize outcomes as closely as possible with plans.

The three respective type of control based on timing are preventive, detective, corrective, and steering controls.

1. Premise Control: It focus on the regulation of inputs (human, material, and financial resources that flow into the organization) to ensure that they meet the standards necessary for the transformation process.

Premise controls are desirable because they allow management to prevent problems rather than having to cure them later. It is also the cheapest control in cost. Unfortunately, it requires timely and accurate information that is often difficult to develop.

Premise controls are sometime referred to as feedforward control, or steering control. In some textbook, steering...
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