Strategic Analysis for Imax

Topics: Financial ratios, Financial ratio, IMAX Pages: 41 (10244 words) Published: December 21, 2010
Term of Refrences: We have refered to the book that was assigned to us in this semster which is Management (10th edition) by Stephen Robbins, Mary Coulter and Nehrika Vohra. We also consulted Strategic Management: An Integrated Approch (8th edition) by Charles Hill and Gareth Jones. Another two books that helped us to analyse this case study were Startegic Management : Creating Competitive Advantage (5th edition) by Gregory Dess, G.T Lumpkin and Alan Eisner and Strategic Management (6th edition) by John Pearce and Richard Robinsons Description of Report: In Section 1 we analyize the corporate strategy of IMAX corporation followed by their integration strateges. In Section 2 we access the comparitive advantage of IMAX Corporation. Section 3 talks about the effect of enviorment on IMAX, both internal and external. Section 4 is the breif discussion of Industry Analysis and how IMAX has been performaing compartivily with the rest of the firm, then followed by EFE Matrix. In Section 5 we have calculated and interpreated the financl ratios of IMAX Corporation.

A Corportae strategy is one that specifies what business a company is in or wants to be in and what it wants to do with those business. It¶s based on the mission and goals of the organization. Mission on IMAX as stated by co-CEO Gelfond is : ³It¶s[IMAX] is designed to deliever the worlds most immersive movie experience´ IMAX designs and manufactures large image producing format cameras and projection system as well as film development,production, post production and distribution to IMAX affiliated theatres worldwide. IMAX has about 400+ theatres in 47 countries. IMAX¶s strategy is to entice consumers happiest infront of 60-inch plasma screen TV. In order to get a consumer out of his home and make him go and watch an IMAX format movie, the company needs to give them something amazing and something special. And IMAX does it.

There are basically two types of integration 1. Vertical Inegration 2. Horizontal Integration

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Vertical Integration
The process in which several steps in the production and/or distribution of a product or service are controlled by a single company or entity, in order to increase that company's or entity's power in the market place.IMAX is into vertical integration as it is into processing, distribution and exhibition of its own films.Vertical integration is further sub divided into two parts and that is 1. Forward Integration 2. Backward Integration

Forward Integration:
Gaining ownership or increased control over distributors or retaliers. When an organization becomes its own distributor its called Forward Integration e.g. a manufacturing firm open up its own franchise. In such situations the organization has control over the output. IMAX initialy was focused on large format films that were educational yet entertaining and the theatres were located in institutions, museums, aquariums and national parks. IMAX forwrad integration took place when it become the distributor of its own produced films. IMAX is relatively small when it comes to rival studios and theatres but in itself IMAX is the leader in the industry when it comes to producing image in large format. IMAX not only played its films in its own theatres but gives its films to other theatres so that they would further promot the movie. Backward Integration: Backward integration takes place when an organization becomes its own supplier. As we have earlier discussed IMAX was mainly focused on producing films that were of large format. To do so obviously they would require special cameras, projectors, screens etc. From past 15 years IMAX has aquired the ownership of the companies listed below: y y y y y y y IMAX Corporation acquiring Imagery Rentals (September 07 1995) Acquiring minority shares in Mainframe Entertaintment Inc. ( June 1999) Acquiring Sonics Associates Inc. (2009 whole ownership) Acquiring...
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