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There was once a voice who dreamed of change. In order for this voice’s dream to come true, he studied hard, faced all challenges head strong. With the help of his family and friends, he dreamed of being in a position of helping today’s youth. Yes, there were times when he stumbled, and fell. Then he won, and gained. And now, that voice is standing in front of you.

Friends, teachers, judges good day.

To you, I may be just one voice. But all I have is a voice to undo all pains and sufferings and to effect the change; the change that must start within you, within all of us, within me.

Last baranggay elections, I happened to be one of the very few who had the opportunity to run for a position in the Sangguniang Kabataan. Fortunately, I won. I was ecstatic, I was jubilant, but amidst the jubilation – the sheer bliss. One thing continues to confront me -- the responsibility and the task of fulfilling the obligations that was vested upon me by my fellow youth. Do you think it is easy?

It may seem so queer to hear, but it’s no ordinary task. The truth is, it is a laborious task – a task that from the very start I know I have to face.

The task to effect change in our youth is not that easy. With all the bad things in media, internet, and news nowadays, we, the youth, are struggling to survive each day.

Whenever we go around, we witness poverty, sadness, pains and sorrows. Families are sleeping on make shift houses, not having to eat a proper meal a day. Fathers are laboring three to five kinds of jobs just to make ends meet. People are bargaining just to earn a piece of bread.

Whenever we open our television, we see disasters, one man knifed a third, a man stole a loaf of bread for his hungry child and people are dying because of epidemics.

Every time we open the pages of the daily papers we read about guns, goons,...
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