Steriods Ruining Sports

Topics: Player, The Players, Players Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Robby Bolian
English AI
Persuasive Paper
Jan.27, 2010

Steroids- Ruining the Game
Man created sports and man just as well has started to ruin sports. Many people think steroids are the worst thing to come to sports, and others such as coaches and trainers want the player to do the best they can so they give enhancing drugs to the player. The worse parts of players taking steroids are… a bad symbol to their image and people may copy them, lies to the people who love him and hurts them , and messes up his or her sport career. Sports were made for man, not man and drugs; and I think that steroids should have never been brought into the world of sports. The emotional part to this terrible drug is confessing that you took it and telling your closes friends and family really hurts them. The player keeps all of the truth of them taking steroids inside and tells no one, because how good they are doing from the drugs. “It’s the first time they’ve heard me, you know, talk about this, I hid it from everybody.” said Mark McGwire. (Ronald Blum) The truth hurts the ones that loved the player because the believed in him or her so much. Steroids do not just hurt the players loved ones emotionally but, hurts the player physically. This drug can led give the player major injuries and could lead the player to retirement. The fans must be disappointed after knowing one of their favorite players has been taking steroids and for me that could set a bad image. People think of famous players as a role model or sometimes they base their life goals on that player. Once the person finds out that the player is taking steroids, maybe that fan will lose respect for the player. Or there could be younger people who look up to him and when they see he or she doing this they think that’s the way to go. So, the player is just creating more problems for the pro sports we play today. The teammates see this as a disappointment for the team and could lead to negative...
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