Steps to getting a Driver License

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6 March 2014
Steps to Getting a Provisional Driver’s License
Getting a driver’s license is a big thing in a person’s life. No longer does one have to ask for rides or take public transportation, but now the freedom to go wherever they want as they please. It can be really exciting, especially if you are sixteen because obtaining your license is one of you first freedoms. It can also be scary if you have a fear of cars. But for most, like me, it is really exciting, as it was something that I wanted badly. Obtaining a driver’s license varies state to state. I obtained my driver’s license in the state of Rhode Island, which has a very different process than the state of Washington. Therefore, this essay will state the steps to obtain a provisional driver’s license in the state of Rhode Island.

Rhode Island requires that one who wishes to drive under eighteen to enroll in the state mandated driver’s education. In Rhode Island, one is allowed to have a driver’s permit at sixteen and then get their license at sixteen and a half. In order to register for these classes, one must be at least fifteen years and ten months of age. The driver’s education classes are offered at local colleges and high schools during specific times of the year. They are either offered over six weeks for twice a week classes with the classes being two hours each, or straight six hour classes for five days. I personally choose the five day option during my April vacation. Even though I had to sacrifice my vacation, it was worth it to me. These classes cover every aspect of driving. They explain the basics of driving, how to drive in weather, road signs, how to shift lanes with ease, tips for becoming a better driver, and showed what to do in emergencies. An instructor appointed by the state runs the class and mainly plays videos and reads out of the Rhode Island driver’s education text book. The instructor will then issue a multitude...
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