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1. Turn on the printer by pressing the power button. You have to have the device on to access the toner cartridges of most units.

2. Scan the printer's message-display window to determine ink levels. If the display window reads "Toner Low," you probably can squeeze out a few more copies before you have to replace the cartridge. If it says "Toner Empty," you'll have to replace the spent cartridge before you can produce more copies.

3. Open the printer door to access the toner cartridges. In some models, you will have to press and hold the release button and pull the lid toward you. When the cover is lifted on most laser printers, the carriage automatically slides to the right side of the unit for easy access to the cartridges.

4. Remove the spent cartridge from the printer.
* Depending on the model, you may have to unhook the cradle holding the cartridge in place, or press the release tab inward to unlatch the cartridge you want to remove. With some printers, you may have to hold down the blue release button at the side of the cartridge carriage.

* Once unlocked, remove the cartridge by pulling it up and toward you.

* Observe the used cartridge. If you don't have a replacement cartridge on hand, jot down its model number. You will need to know this to buy a compatible unit for your printer.

Put the replacement cartridge in place.
5. Take the new cartridge out of the box, but keep it in its plastic packaging. Sometimes, during shipping, ink can settle in the toner drum, resulting in poor-quality copies. To prevent this problem, gently shake the cartridge. This helps fully distribute toner throughout the cartridge.

Remove the new cartridge from its packaging.

Pull the colour tab on the cartridge. This removes the protective tape from the bottom of the cartridge. While doing this, be careful not to touch the imaging drum on the bottom of the print cartridge. Smudges on the drum can cause print-quality problems.

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