Steel and Heat Treatment

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Steel and heat treatment
Mild steel is also called plain carbon steel. It is the most common type of steel and it price is pretty low. Its composition is around about 0.05%-0.29% carbon content. Mild steel has a relatively low tensile strength but the surface can be hardened through carburizing. It is mostly used where large amounts of steel needs to be formed eg structural steel

Medium carbon steel has great wear resistance and is used for forged automotive components and large parts. Its composition is approximately 0.30%-0.59% carbon content.

High carbon steel has great responses to heat treatment and is very strong and has longer life then medium carbon steel. High carbon steel is used for springs and high strength wire. Its composition is approximately 0.6%-0.99% carbon content.

Stainless steel is defined as an iron carbon alloy with a minimum of 10% chromium content. The name stainless steal comes from the fact that it does not rust or corrode which makes it stainless. There are many different types of grades and surface finishes to suit the environment where the metal will be placed. Stainless steel is commonly used in balustrades, watch bands and household appliances.

Cast iron is usually referred to as grey cast iron and identifies a large group of ferrous alloys. Cast iron is hard and brittle and is a non malleable alloy. It is used for man hole covers and as engine blocks for petrol and diesel engines. Its composition is 2.1%-4% carbon content.

Heat treatment is the method used to change the physical and chemical properties of the material. It does this by manipulating the properties of metals by controlling the rate of diffusion and also the rate of cooling within the microstructure. This processed is used in the manufacturing of glass.
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