Statistics Should Be Interpreted with Caution

Topics: Statistics, Truth, Political philosophy Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: December 1, 2010
Statistics should be interpreted with caution as they can be misleading; they can both lie and tell the truth.Discuss.

AS we all known that statistics plays a very important role in the social development. People use statistics in each field of science, such as physical sciences, humanities, especially the biological sciences. Statistics as a series of methods which used to summarize or describe our observations tell the person who made the statistics relative objective results or truth, at the same time, most of time statistician need use these observations to make estimates or prediction. The inference of prediction is an complex process and easily to be misleading. This essay will discuss the objectivity and the subjectivity of statistics and to remind people uses statistical results with caution.

On the one hand, if statistical institution or statistician uses proper methods with a sound attitude, the result of the statistic will tell people what is the truth, then help people to make correct solution. A recent statistics case is census of population in China. As everybody knows that China has large population. The government made policy which is a couple just to be allowed to born one child to tone down the speed of the population growth. But some of Chinese couple still want to born child more than one, so they born babies under the table. This phenomenon causes the teem of children who no identification card. For the objectivity of this census of population, the government made a new police which is if the family has more than one babies and tell the fact to government, the babies will be given the legal identity. Maybe the result of this statistics is breathtaking, but it is an objective statistics because it can tell government the truth or near the truth, then help the government make workable policies.

On the other hand, statistics is not always reliable, sometimes they can lie. As mentioned before, the process of statistic is very complex, it...
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