Statistics of the Filipino Drinkers

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Withdrawal Symptoms of Alcoholism
Long-term alcohol abuse and addiction put the user at risk for serious medical consequences if they attempt to stop alcohol consumption without proper medical advice and supervision. Alcoholism withdrawal symptoms indicate advanced addictive disease, and should not be dismissed: Tremors, convulsions, or uncontrolled shaking of the hands (or even the entire body) Profuse sweating, even in cold conditions

Extreme agitation or anxiety
Persistent insomnia
Nausea or vomiting
Statistics of Alcohol Addicts
MANILA, Philippines - The Geneva-based World Health Organization, in its report released early this month, warned of excessive alcohol use, saying its toll in terms of human lives has become increasingly alarming. Some 2.5 million people die annually due to harmful alcohol use, the report said. The global status report on alcohol and health is based on figures gathered in 134 countries worldwide on the impact of excessive and hazardous use of alcohol. Alarmingly, in Southeast Asia, Filipinos were found to be the second highest consumers of alcohol, second only to the Indonesians. In the study, beer appears to be the favorite drink of Filipinos due, principally to its affordability compared to hard drinks. Based on the latest available data, however, Filipinos are seen as the No. 1 wine drinkers in the whole of the Asian region. The prevalent rate of alcohol consumption is estimated at 5 million Filipino drinkers in a population of 90 million. Some of the harmful effects attributed to excessive alcohol use include being the direct cause of about 4 percent of all deaths worldwide - more deaths than those caused by HIV-AIDS and tuberculosis and, globally, 6.2 percent of deaths of young men, compared to 1.1 percent of female deaths. Also, globally, 320,000 young people aged 15-29 years old die annually from alcohol-related causes, resulting in 9 percent of all deaths in such age group. The World Health...
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