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Pages: 2 (316 words) Published: December 6, 2009
Research Question:
Which of the determinants Sex, Class or Age affect the survival of passengers?


According to the research question, it can be defined the determinants affect the survival of passengers.


The 458 of passengers are going to be divided into died and survived. It is compared by the Two-sample t-test. Those graphs have been defined in three different determinants, which are sex, class and age. The first graph shows that female have more frequency to survive compare to male. The male has a frequency to die more than 5 times than the female. It is obvious that the female is the most survivor in between the both sexes. The second graph shows the relationship between the class and the frequency of the survivor. Between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd class, the 1st class of passengers are more frequency to survive than the 2nd and 3rd class of passengers. On the other hand, the 3rd class of passengers has higher chance to die, which is 3 times the 1st class of passengers. In the box-plot graph, died age is similar than survived age. The main difference of the two-sample t-test is that the survived box-plot has larger outliers that are the larger age points.


Actually, it can be obviously seen that the female has more frequency to be survived than male. Also, the 1st class of passengers are less frequency to be died but 3rd class of passengers are more frequency to be died. Quoting some two-test statistic, the degree freedom is 456. The t is 1.047 and the p-value is 0.2957 which >0.05 and does not reject Ho.


In conclusion, the determinant of Sex can affect the survival of passengers as it can be considered in the first graph. The female survivor rate is twice more than the male.
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