Statement of the Problem Female and Male Gender

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Statement of the problem Female and male gender

Roles in today's society reflect on more than just what others think about the man and female role. This paper will also show how and why people think this way. At the time of conception male and female babies are influenced to act a certain way by the actions of the people around them the most. A baby's sex distinction is developed prior to birth. Gender differences are a matter of power, therefore, Masculine is typically a social priority over a feminine trait. The importance of gender is not important among infants, but the ways in which people think of boys and girls are set in motion patterns that will continue for a lifetime. As the infant grows up he or she will encounter gender differences by innerving with peers and experimenting with the opposite sex. Male and female children tend to go about this differently. The typical male would talk to peers and try to distinguish what is the truth and what is false. The typical female would also go to peers to establish the truth but she would also go to an authority figure to collaborate on the subject of gender and what she does not know. Both male and female genders will continue to act this way, in a sense, the rest of their lives.

Purpose of the paper

The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader of stereotypes and why we as a human race accept them. This paper will also explain why male and female genders act the way they do, in addition to that This paper will also tell what causes male and female gender roles to be labeled such as they are: masculine roles are to be played by the male and feminine roles are to be played by the female. Society has stratified or put certain titles on jobs for men and women; by doing so stratification has taken place. Stratification is a system by which a society ranks a category of people in a hierarchy. In rare cases a hormone imbalance occurred before birth and produces a hermaphrodite. A hermaphrodite is a word derived from Hermaphroditus, the child of the mythological Greek gods Hermes and Aphrodite, who embodied both sexes. A hermaphrodite is a human being with some combination of female and male internal and external genitalia. Our culture does not easily understand or accept hermaphrodites. In contrast, the Pokot of eastern Africa are indifferent to what they consider a biological error, and the Navajo look on hermaphrodites with awe, believing they embody the full potential of both the female and the male (Macionis, 1992). This paper will also discuss why genders roles are so complicated in our contemporary society; it will emphasis on the way society looks on the male and female, and why the society does it. In addition to that this research paper will show how Society also affects what kinds jobs men and women get by occupational sex-typing and occupational prestige. This paper will also show how race and geological region can effect the way genders roles operate in today's society. For instance, the black experience of the revolution is different from white and Hispanic for several reasons. Black women have been working outside the home for so many generation that the idea of women in the workplace was not revolutionary for them or their men as it was for other groups (Macionis, 1992). Male and female gender roles can also be differentiation according to where he or she lives.

Limitations This paper

Will describe how society stereotypes men and women from birth to adulthood. In this paper male and females will be examined from birth to see why they do the things they do, and, also how or what taught them that. Male and female gender roles in contemporary society are very different; this paper will tell why they're different and why they are alike. Through out life male and female only do what is the "norm" or what society says is the right thing to do. This paper examines why people accept the concept of others thinking for them. Do male and...
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