Statement of Purpose

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The world will never forget the golden day when humans conquered smallpox, when we eradicated the same in 1980. Also we are on the verge of eradicating one more dreadful disease, poliomyelitis. All this could be achieved when we could communicate with the people and take them with us. Yes, that’s one of the jobs of an epidemiologist. Thus a single person can make out such a vast change. But still lots of things are to be done.

I am from a middle class, highly educated Indian family. I have three sisters the two elder one are engineer and third one is doctor and I am the youngest. Since my childhood I have seen people considering the health profession as a noble one as it always had a social touch. This attracted me to think over this as a career.

Since my school days I started developing more and more interest in health science, which stemmed from an innate concern for life. So I took the decision to make it my career and was further boosted up by my father, who encouraged me to go towards my liking. So I worked hard in higher secondary exam to take a prestigious score of 83%. At the same time I cracked in Maharashtra State Common Entrance Exam and was in state merit list so that I could get admission in prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC).

At JNMC I started developing my interest in the field of public health. Especially, during my second year of MBBS, when we started learning Preventive and Community Medicine. Regarding community medicine we learnt many facts there like the principles of community medicine, functions of an epidemiologist, importance and scope of the subject and so on… which gave me a strong foundation in the field of public health.

The exhaustive curriculum along with the fieldwork gave me a lot of exposure to administration as well as execution of national disease control programs. We learned about simple and effective yet inexpensive techniques to tackle even the most formidable diseases, apt for developing...
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