Starbucks Coffee Mission and Vision Statement:

Topics: Starbucks, Coffee, Environment Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Starbucks Coffee Mission and Vision Statement: "Starbucks Mission Statement: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time." Starbucks has a unique style of combining both Mission Statement and Vision Statement together. However, the main content of Starbucks is still clear, concise, and direct for the target audience. Starbucks’ combine Mission and Vision statement can be broken down into six key elements which are the followings: Coffee – High quality has always been the passion of Starbucks coffee, and hard work has been done to maintain and improve that. Partners – Everyone who works for Starbucks are partners because they all share a passion to create a place where everyone is treated to a standard that includes respect and dignity. Customers – Although Starbucks holds customer satisfaction through quality-made beverages as important, they also focus on the significance of human connection. Stores – The Starbucks mission statement also focuses on making their stores a “haven” for people to go to whenever necessary. Neighborhood – Starbucks considers their stores as part of the community it is in, and are very passionate about doing their part and being responsible about it. Shareholders - Starbucks believes that actions towards success rewards everyone involved in the company. Therefore, Starbucks is fully accountable to uphold its principles to the benefit of everyone connected with Starbucks. In my opinion, the key elements mentioned above combined together to give a glance of Starbucks’s strategy through its Mission and Vision Statement. With this thoughtfully listed of six components, Starbucks made sure not to leave no stone unturned. They have wholly considered what matters most to the company, and have made sure that everyone is aware of this and is passionately working towards the perpetuation of these principles. Starbucks history has shown that having values, and practicing those values, will lead to...
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