Starbucks Analysis

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HOS-407-1 Group Project


Available Resources

Research Consultations
A research consultation is a scheduled appointment where you or a small group can discuss web and library research assignments with a Kendall librarian. During the consultation, the librarian will present time-saving strategies for finding information in both print and online formats and give instruction on their use. Let the librarian suggest book, periodical, and websites to help you with this assignment.

Library Resources
The Kendall College Library provides considerable resources for students to use for conducting research. These include: Article Search Capabilities
Proquest – The Wall Street Journal
Online Reference Sources
Lexis Nexis Academic (on campus use only)
Britannica Online
CQ Researcher
Other Resources
Chicago Public Library

There are many other hospitality resources available to students. The following guide is a starting point for your research. It is a partial listing and offers a jump-start to resources in both online and print formats. Ask a Kendall librarian how to access and/or for additional suggestions.

AHLA Information Center
Full-service research center
Extensive working files on over 1,000 topics and subtopics related to the hospitality industry
Access to industry links
Hospitality news
Magazine, Journal, and Newspaper Databases,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=afh Access to scholarly research and industry news specific to all areas of hospitality Access to full text of 25 national and international newspapers Hospitality Magazines and Journals

Located in the Kendall Library

Personal Duties / Research Topics

Cover Page – Completed – Bree 4/15/2014
Needs Assessment – Completed – Bree 4/15/2014

Executive Summary – One Page Maximum
a. History of the company – Amy
b. History of the Buyers / Suppliers – Juan
c. CEO History - Paige
d. Outline the Paper - Bree
e. Summarize Conclusion - Amy
Introduction – Between One and Two Pages
f. Mission, Goals, & Objectives of the Company - Amy
g. CEO’s leadership capability - Paige
h. Business Portfolio - Paige
i. Dynamic level of company; Competitive Advantage of the company (overall well-being of the company) – Amy j. (Module Five) Differentiation & Segmentation – Paige / Amy k. Summarize in detail the Outline of the Paper - Bree

Body of Paper – Three Pages Each Group Member
l. Macro-economic(s) & Environment – Bree
i. Industry Life Cycle Summary - Paige
m. Competition – Charlie
n. Company Practices – Bree / Charlie
o. Competitive Advantage – Ciera
p. Changes (Industry Changes & Ability) - Bree
q. Strategies / Strategic Groups – Bree / Charlie
r. Competencies / Barriers – Ciera / Charlie
s. Business Model - Bree
Conclusion – Between One and Two Pages
t. Overview of the paper - Bree
u. Profit – Paige / Amy
v. How does group feel about the company’s strategic perspective; is the firm operating on all cylinders; is there room for improvement. (= summarizing group poles) - Juan w. (Charts & Summarizing) - Support your statement by bringing together the group’s observations about completeness (Module 3 – Competition & Competitive Advantage – will need to meet with Charlie and Ciera for their Par. 2 & Par. 3 of body… summarize the two with what you do in mod. 3 should = one paragraph) and quality of the firm’s efforts in each strategic area (SWOT, 5 Forces (Analytical Tool see session 3 pp), Life Cycle Analysis (= mature see session 3 pp), etc.) – Juan i. Life Cycle Analysis - Bree

x. Describe and explain into detail any limitations in the research conducted – and why we feel there is limitations and if they can be overcome. - Juan


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Starbuck strategic analysis (term paper)
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