Prepare, Cook and Finish Food: Vegetable Dishes

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Prepare, Cook and Finish Food: Vegetable Dishes

A Report Researched to the Faculty of the School
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Mr. Edward Dimaculangan

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Unit 15: Prepare, Cook and Finish: Vegetables
Know how to prepare vegetables for basic dishes
A. Describe the preparation methods for basic vegetables
When preparing vegetables, it requires proper handling. The proper way to prepare vegetables is to measure the weighing and portioning of each vegetable dish in order not to overeat. It is best to wash hands before and after preparing the food. Washing vegetables is a priority because it will prevent from having food poisoning, including E. coli. The preparation of vegetables includes peeling, trimming, blanching, seasoning and soaking by re-hydrating the pulse of vegetables. The purpose of peeling is to strip out the outer covering of the vegetables. For trimming, it removes the non-edible and non-presentable parts of food. The purpose of blanching is that any fruit or vegetable is plunged in hot boiling water to soften, or partly cooking it. The purpose of seasoning is to create taste and flavor with salt and pepper. Also, the term soaking is that to rehydrate certain pulses after having cleaned.

B. State the reasons for using the different methods for preparing vegetables There are certain reasons for using the different methods of preparing vegetables for each dish. It considers peeling the outer skin of the vegetables and using different vegetables cuts such as sliced, strips, julienne, mirepoix, paysanne, macedoine, Concassé, tourne, jardinière, brunoise and shredding. Julienne – Long thin match stick shaped pieces about 4cm in length. Mirepoix – A mixture of roughly chopped vegetables which are used in the base of sauces or to enhance the flavor of meat, fish and shellfish dishes. Paysanne – It could be either squares, triangles, circles or half rounds. It is about 1-2mm thick. Macedoine – It is cut in diced cubes about 5mm square which is larger than the brunoise. Concassé – It is a technique that removes the seeds and skin of certain types of fruits and vegetables.

Tourne – It cuts fruits or vegetables in a football or barrel shaped. It is about 5 cm (2 inch) lengths and round vegetables into chunks the same length and about 4 cm (1.5 inch) wide. Jardinière – It is cut in a long thin baton about 2cm long and 3mm wide and 3mm thick. Brunoise - is a very small diced cube, sized between 1 – 3 mm square. It is often used as a garnish for consommé. Shredding - It is finely sliced and shredded cuts, it could be fruit or vegetables.

A. Describe on how to maintain the appearance and texture of vegetables Maintaining vegetables during preparation requires a sharp knife and cutting skills. Also, it needs color, appearance, texture and the right cooking process used. For the green vegetables, it is best not to add acid such as lemon juice to a green vegetable during cooking because the color will change. Never add baking soda because it will destroy the important nutrients and can make the vegetable slimy. For the cruciferous vegetables, it develops a very strong, sulfur-like flavor when overcooked. Cook only until crisp-tender. The color of orange and yellow vegetables is more stable than green. During cooking the orange may become more yellow, but there is little change. The texture that is appropriate for a vegetable varies with the vegetable and with the recipe. All vegetables have some change of flavor during cooking. The flavor of a vegetable is affected by the way it is cooked and by the seasonings added to it. Overcooking is the biggest problem when it comes to flavor. When vegetables are cut, it is best to use a sharp blade and cut in the largest pieces that are desirable for the recipe. Pieces should be uniform to allow for even cooking. Large pieces help preserve the...
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