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starbucKs CoFFee

2011-2013 advertising & marKeting pLan

ba 174 advertising
tues. thurs. 9am-12:15pm
june 15, 2010
sam Lehnert | CommerCial ad,
Situation analySiS, web Site,
dVd and CoVer deSign
danieLLe gore | ControlS, Final
editing & Compiling, adVertiSing
michaeL corn | marketing, & print,
radio, and billboard adS,
adVertiSing SeCtion
brittany Love | FinanCialS
Katie boggs | FinanCialS

ba 283 management
mW 11:30-1:00
andrew poSSehl
John Vankley
taylor enSing
VaneSSa roggow
danieLLe gore
daJuan roSS

Table of ConTenTs
1.0 exeCuTive summary
2.0 siTuaTion analysis
3.0 markeTing sTraTegy
4.0 adverTising
5.0 finanCials
6.0 ConTrols

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Starbucks is the biggest competition for any new coffee house when they enter the market. They are also the biggest. They have hundreds of locations all over the world. There are some that have their own building and then there are those that are in airports, schools, malls, etc. The main objective for Starbucks is to be the most respected and recognized brand for coffee and specialty drinks.

In order to achieve this goal, Starbucks must continue to grow by expanding their locations and make sure they are introducing new products and keeping their customers from going to other coffee shops. They also need to make sure they capitalize on the opportunities in other countries outside of the U.S., which will help them grow even more in the global market.


Starbucks is an all around great company. They treat their employees well because to them happy employees make happy customers that want to come back. All of Starbucks’ employees are eligible for benefits and health insurance. Every employee starts above minimum wage and they even employ the students of any of the schools they are located in. Starbucks is also becoming more environmentally aware. They are using more products that are recyclable and they even have boxes sitting out at all locations to recycle the sleeves off the cups.

Starbucks is also a big contributor to local charities, especially the ones that focus on children, homeless, AIDS research, and the environment. Starbucks prides their company on being a strong force in not only the market but their communities as well. Starbucks plans on continuing to have the college students and business associates as their customers, but would also like to target seniors more as well as parents and children. | Page 1 | Starbucks Advertising-Marketing Plan



Starbucks opened its first store in 1971 and now is in a dominating position in the retail beverage industry. This company itself is diversified into other related industries including bottled water, and even the music retailing industry. Even when a customer enters a Starbucks, many different types of products are available. They provide bagels, souvenirs, pastries, yogurt, wraps, fruit, Frappucinos, Espressos, Tazo teas, and many other items. They acquired Seattle’s Best Coffee in 2003, which it was a big competitor of Starbucks, but now seems to be positioned slightly higher now, for the highest overall sales.


Starbucks uses hip, contemporary design of all promotional, web-related, and other material to keep it appealing to young generations. This also hits their target market of men and women ages 22-40. This contemporary look and feel is unified throughout all their material, so even the older target segments will feel younger when they drink your coffee.

Starbucks is mainly a first mover company. They see trends and interests of their target market first, and adapt to meet those initial needs. For example, when Starbucks noticed that their customers wanted to support companies that were socially responsible. Starbucks has begun selling Product Red goods in...

Cited: Chicago Tribune, “The Stew: Starbucks’ Frappuccino, however you want it”, 2010, “Starbucks Customers Feel Burned By Surprise Price Hikes”, 2010
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Starbucks Company Description
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