Star Wars vs Star Treck

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Star Wars VS. Star Trek
It has long been debated by nerds worldwide: Star Wars or Star Trek, which one is superior. In this paper we take a look at the two universes so you can decide which is the greatest in history of the world. The three points discussed: 1) Geopolitical a combination of political, historical, racial; 2) Military tactics found in the two universes; and 3) religion and philosophy of each.

In the Star Trek Universe the Federation was founded by the following four races Humans, Vulcans, Tellarites, and Andorians. Today the Federation is an interstellar alliance of more than 150 planetary governments, spread out over 8,000 light-years. Members of the Federation are united in various endeavors involving trade, exploration, science and defense. The Federation is overseen by the Federation Council, which is comprised of representatives from member planets. So you could say their equal opportunity program must never get a complaint. However, in the universe of Star Wars the Empire is ruled and dominated by humans. All other races are either looked down upon or enslaved by the Empire. The two universes of Star Trek and Star Wars are black and white from one another when it comes to its geopolitical structure. One universe is for all races while the other is pro human. Warfare in both universes revolves around space naval warfare. For Star Trek you have ship of the line battles, which are classic fleet battles where ships close range and fire upon one another all the while trying to maneuver as to bring their superior fire power to bear. Examples of these types of battles can be observed in the movies Wrath of Khan and the Star Trek Reboot. In Star Wars their fleet tactics that are dominated by carrier battler like the Battle of Yavin in New Hope when they attack the Death Star with an independent fighter strike. Their tactics revolve around the ability to overwhelm their opponent’s defenses with lots of fighters.

Religion: for Star...
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