Stakeholder Theory Google
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Stakeholder Theory-Google

Stakeholder Theory can be applied to enterprises’ management, the applied research in this area mainly includes the following aspect: corporate governance, financial management, performance assessing, ethic management, and value chain strategy.

Google's Stakeholders:
We all know how huge Google Inc. is. Hence, it would obviously have various stakeholders. The following are some of the main stakeholders of Google
1. Users
2. Investors
3. Employees
4. Developers
5. Advertisers

Google's Organizational Structure
According to Fortune and All Business magazines, Google is the fourth-most admired company in the United States. Google was also listed as the top company to work for in both 2007 and 2008. The main reason for this employee admiration is Google’s cross-functional organizational structure, which the company maintains though stellar leadership and innovative management techniques.

Yahoo’s Organizational Structure

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