Lockheed Martin Stakeholder Analysis

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The analysis of Lockheed Martin and it’s affect on stakeholders. Corporations have impacts on a variety of people ranging from shareholders, to governments, to ordinary citizens. This paper analyzes the impact Lockheed Martin has on all stakeholders, both positive and negative. |

Matthew Vogt
Business, Government and Society
26 April 2010
Lockheed Martin: Stakeholder Analysis
What is a stakeholder?
A stakeholder is someone who someone who benefits or is burdened by a corporation, or someone who the corporation benefits or is burdened by. (Steiner). Stakeholders are represented by two main groups; primary and secondary stakeholders. Primary stakeholders are those who have either have a direct interest in a firm; such as a stockholder, a creditor, or an employee, or someone who the firm has a direct interest in such as a supplier, the governments, or a partner. Secondary stakeholders include those who are affected by a firm, yet from a more distant connection. Often secondary stakeholders cannot attribute their benefit or detriment directly to the firm, however the connection does exist and there is a relationship however indirect it is. Primary stakeholders have closer connections with the firm whereas secondary stakeholders’ exhibit more stretched connections. Although primary and secondary stakeholders differ in the proximity or relations to a firm, both have a similar interest in the firm, as it either directly or indirectly influences each group’s way of life. The main stakeholders:

There are six main groups of stakeholders that represent the majority of groups influenced by a firm’s actions. Included in this group are: Stockholders, Governments, Customers, Employees, the General Public, and Special Interest Groups. Each of these factions has an interest in the businesses actions, as they are affected by them. Stockholders:...
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