Stakeholder Analysis

Topics: Project management, Management, Stakeholder analysis Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: February 16, 2012
Stakeholder Analysis
The purpose of this paper is to define a Stakeholder Analysis and to describe the philosophy, methodology, and purpose of performing a Stakeholder Analysis. The paper will also address the determination of a communication management plan and applying a quality management plan. Purpose of a Stakeholder Analysis

A Stakeholder Analysis is a process to determine what parties will be affected by an action and deciding his or her impact on the action as well as the impact of the action on him or her. The Stakeholder Analysis obtains the information from the process and accesses how the interests of the stakeholders should be directed within a project plan (Marchewka, 2009). The Stakeholder Analysis Outline

1.Plan the process
2.Selecting and ascertaining a policy
3.Identifying the major stakeholders
4.Adapting the tools
5.Obtaining and recording the information
6.Filling out a stakeholder table
7.Analyze the stakeholder table
8.Make use of the data
Stakeholder Analysis Methodology
The methodology of a Stakeholder Analysis can be comprised of various aspects. 1.Provide input for additional analyses
2.Develop proper action plans
3.Share the obtained information with the stakeholders and encourage dialog to address any concerns. Philosophy of a Stakeholder Analysis
The Stakeholder Analysis has a few aspects to consider when one is completing the analysis and sharing the data obtained. The Stakeholder Analysis should proceed before one finalizes any proposals made to the stakeholders or management. The following are the aspects to consider. 1.The stakeholders’ position on the proposed project

2.The level of influence of the stakeholders
3.The level of interest for the stakeholders
4.The group that the stakeholders are members of
Communication Management Plan
A communication management plan is accomplished during the planning phase by the Project Manager. The communication management plan sets documentation for...
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