Stakeholder Analysis

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Overview of Stakeholder Analysis on City Harvest Church Financial Irregularities
As listed in a table, potential stakeholders will be reviewed according to their interests in City Harvest Church. Issues like benefits of the project to the stakeholders or activities that might cause damage or conflict to the stakeholders will be included. Each stakeholder will be listed in one column. Individual stakeholder’s interest will be reviewed on its importance to the success of the project.
To ensure the project flows smoothly, considerations on things to get stakeholder support and reduce opposition will be reviewed. The kind of information needed, how important is it to involve the stakeholder in the planning process and identify groups that might oppose to the project.

Stakeholders Matrix

Identify uses for the Data
This analysis identifies various stakeholders on the case of criminal breach of trust in misusing and funneling funds from City Harvest Church to the Crossover Project. Prosecutors claimed that personnel from Xtron Productions and AMAC are involved in round tripping.
Stakeholder Groups

Stakeholders Areas of Interests

Identifying the impact of stakeholders will allow them to open up discussions and seek for understanding and compromising on areas of conflicts or further motivate the project socially. Below are interests of various stakeholders.


CHC Working Group
Riding on the transactions to fund Ho Yeow Sun’s pop music career, the people responsible for the project especially those in the main working group and Sun Ho will have a cut in the monetary success.

Risks: There could be monetary loss due to mismanagement of funds or no economical success in the project. If the transactions are made known to the public, they may be challenged legally on fraudulence.

Outside CHC Support Group
With support garnered to City Harvest Church working group, people in this category could enjoy

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