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Galli, Mark. Francis of Assisi and His World. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2002. Print.

Saint of the Animals

If you have not read the story of Francis of Assisi you should take the time out of our day to see the dedication this man put into his short lifetime. From growing up in a middle class family to dying in poverty the story of Francis takes you on multiple adventures through his life and beyond. Learning the struggles that Francis faced and his inspirational commitment to God this saint is worth learning about. I will highlight why I choose Saint Francis, some of the struggles he faced, and if his challenges are still present in today’s world. I choose Saint Francis because his life was inspiring yet not at all what I would think of for a saint.

As a child Francis was given the minimal education that was available. Francis was always read to and wrote very little. “As an adult, he was considered ‘a man without learning’” (Pg 17). Francis also grew up with little supervision so he lived a carefree life. One of the first major struggles in Francis’ life was when he was thrown into a dungeon and ransomed out to his father. Francis became ill and “spent many weeks in bed” (pg.24). Francis was quite friendly to the other prisoners while being held in the dungeon. When Francis was 25 he had a dream in which God spoke to him about a mission he needed to take. After this dream Francis obeyed God and “told his companions he was abandoning the expedition” (pg27). This was the beginning of his life as a saint! Francis reevaluated his life and soon started to give “more alms to the poor” (pg33). When Francis did not have money he still offered something to the poor: “his hat, belt or sometimes the shirt off of his back”(pg34). “’Francis, go and repair my house.’” This was Francis’ mission that God was talking about in the last dream. To embark on this journey to repair San Damiono Francs needed money. Francis knew right away where to...

Cited: Galli, Mark. Francis of Assisi and His World. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2002. Print.
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