Topics: Nobel Prize, Marilyn Monroe, Nobel Peace Prize Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Karplus, Levitt, Warshel win 2013 Nobel prize for chemistry

Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt and Arieh Warshel won the 2013 Nobel Prize for chemistry for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems, the award-giving body said on Wednesday. “(The scientists) laid the foundation for the powerful programs that are used to understand and predict chemical processes,” the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said in a statement when awarding the prize of 8 million crowns ($1.25 million). “Computer models mirroring real life have become crucial for most advances made in chemistry today.” Chemistry was the third of this year’s Nobel prizes. The prizes for achievements in science, literature and peace were first awarded in 1901 in accordance with the will of businessman and dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel.

Marilyn Monroe's plastic surgery secret: New documents reveal icon went under the knife Published October 09, 2013

Rare Marilyn Monroe Photos Released
Take a look at some of Marilyn Monroe's most beautiful moments captured on film. Documents revealing that movie icon Marilyn Monroe had plastic surgery will be auctioned off next month, according to Reuters. Monroe fans long speculated that the actress, who died at the age of 36, had cosmetic surgery, but the recently surfaced documents, which include X-rays and physicians notes, seem to prove that Monroe went under the knife. The notes were taken by Dr. Michael Gurdin, who gifted them to the anonymous seller. The seller has turned them over to Julien’s Auctions. "Nobody really thought about Marilyn Monroe having plastic surgery. It was always speculation - did she or didn't she?" said Martin Nolan, executive director of Julien's Auctions. "They thought she was such a natural beauty, they didn't want to believe." Gurdin’s notes explain that Monroe had a chin implant in 1950 and the X-rays include images of the star’s nose and...
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