Srs Software Requirement Specifification

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System Requirement Specification

Birth Registration Service

and Issue of Birth Certificate

Document Generated by

CMC Limited, Kolkata


1.Purpose Of SRS1

2.Scope Of System1

3.Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations2


4.System Perspective2

4.1Citizen Empowerment Through e-Governance2

4.2.Security Features3

4.2.1.Login UserId and Password3

4.2.2.Biometric Authentication3

4.2.3.Smart Card3

4.3.Electronic Messaging3



4.4Status Inquiry3

4.4.1Application Inquiry3

4.4.2CHOiCE Website3



5.Event List5

5.1Birth Registration5

5.1.1 At Government Hospital / Private Hospital / Nursing Home5

5.1.2At CHOiCE Center5

5.1.3At RMC5

Current Registration5

Delayed Birth Registration6

Old Data Entry6

5.2Name Inclusion6

5.2.1At CHOiCE Center6

5.2.2At RMC7

5.3 Electronic Register Generation7

5.3.1 At RMC7

5.4 Certificate Generation8

5.4.1At RMC8

5.5 Birth Data Correction8

5.5.1At RMC8

5.6 Printing Of Certificate9

5.6.1 At CHOiCE Center9

Original Certificate Printing9

Duplicate Certificate Printing10

5.7Issue of manual certificates at RMC11

6.MIS Reports11

Purpose Of SRS

This document details the System Requirement Specifications of the Birth Registration Service under the project CHOiCE (Chhattisgarh On-line information For Citizen Empowerment).

The purpose of this document is for the user to scrutinize and validate CMC’s understanding of the system requirements of Birth Registration Service. It also provides a reference point for the design, development and testing of the project.

Scope Of System

▪ The system is intended at electronification of the Birth Registration process of RMC that is done manually at present. Scope of the system mainly includes Registration, Approval, Certificate Generation and Report Generation Process. System also has the provision for back data entry, status inquiry of the application and maintaining Electronic Register.

▪ System will be implemented at following places for the registration of birth

o At Government Hospital / Private Hospital / Nursing Home o At CHOiCE Center
o At RMC
▪ Approval of the application will be done at RMC.

▪ Certificate will be generated either from CHOiCE Center or RMC.

The following is the service matrix for Birth Registration Service as envisaged by the system

|Sl No. |Service/ Service Port |Govt. Hosp. / Pvt. Hosp./ Nurs. Home |CHOiCE Center |RMC | |1 |Current Birth Registration |( |( |( | |2 |Delayed Birth Registration | | |( | |3 |Old Birth Registration | | |( | |4 |Name Inclusion | |( |( | |5 |Application for Birth data correction | | |( | |6 |Electronic Register Generation | | |( | |7 |Certificate Generation | | |( | |8 |Original Certificate Printing | |( |...
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