Squash Elective

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My University Elective was the game of Squash. I had no knowledge of squash before other than seeing it on television. It is a game that I believed was only played by persons who were better off in society (Rich), but to my surprise it was not so. Squash is a game for all ages and levels of ability, even if you have not seriously played a “racket sport” before you will find it reasonably easy to master the basics and have an enjoyable workout with an opponent.


My expectation for squash was quite normal, it was just another sport for me being that I’m already a competitive person, so on entering the court I know that I must learn this sport quickly as to compete with best. Well it all changed when I got the racket in my hand, it proved to be a bit more challenging than thought. I had to learn to hold the racket and positioning myself to make maneuverable shots which weren’t the easiest thing to do. I had to learn the game inside out, not only as a player but from a coaching and refereeing perspective. Overall the squash captivated my interest and became part of me.


I chose squash because of its competitive nature and the fact that it’s a sport that makes u sweat. It seems like a sport to be played. After scanning through the lists of electives for the semester I thought that choosing squash was way out of my environs and that picking up a sport like this would give me a chance to interact with some important people based on my initial idea that squash was for the rich but I still got a chance to interact with important people acknowledging that you don’t have to be rich to be important. I would say that choosing squash was a good choice and I would recommend the sport to everyone.


The game of squash is one of the quickest games to learn because most of us played squash in our childhood years without even know it, as children we would find ourselves with make shift rackets hitting balls off some...
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